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New Features at PackExpo for 2019

New Features At PackExpo 2019

The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies has added new features to this years PackExpo show, offering more on-floor experiences and education to maximize time spent at the show.

The improvements include:

Robotics Zone, showcasing some of the latest technologies in robotics where you can witness their capabilities and see them in action.

The Forum, offering free, 45-minute learning sessions on the latest industry trends, including hands-on activities, small group discussions and Q&A each day of the show.

Technology Excellence Awards. recognizing exhibitors’ innovative technology that has not yet been shown at a PACK EXPO and Healthcare Packaging EXPO in the previous calendar year.

CarrerLink Live, PMMI’s online job board, is going live for the first time at PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging EXPO in 2019. CareerLink LIVE @ PACK EXPO is an opportunity for PMMI, CPA, IoPP members and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies to meet with students and veterans pursuing careers in packaging and processing during one-on-one informational interviews.

To keep track of all the new additions as well as old favorites, attendees can use My Show Planner to check the schedule of booth activities, add itinerary sessions and plan routes around the show floor. Get more info here.

Of course, ORICS Industries will again be exhibiting at PackExpo this year and to help you save time and organize your schedule we taking requests for pre-scheduled appointments using the simple form below. Please indicate date and time you would like to meet: September 23—25, 2019, between 9:00am and 6:00pm PST.

e-commerce packages

E-Commerce Is Driving Packaging Innovation


Packaging With E-Commerce In Mind

Traditionally, product manufacturers have packaged goods that consumers would directly unstock from shelves in a brick and mortar retail environment. In many cases, the e-commerce sales of the same products would result in products being packed for the merchant, unpacked and stored or stocked, and then re-packed and shipped to the customer, resulting in higher costs
half of the work is unpackaging a product to repack it for e-commerce. Half of the work is unpackaging a product to repack it for e-commerce.

With so much extra handling of packages, damage rates rise and returns work to raise costs and drive profits down. The industry must take a new look at the true cost of returns due to breakage and void in shipping,

The challenges presented by e-commerce delivery are forcing brands to consider multiple packaging versions, depending on the route the product will take to the consumer. Reducing the number of packing and unpacking steps between the source and the end-user is key to managing costs and maintaining margins.

ORICS Industries would like to help your company navigate the complicated landscape of strategizing your ‘packaging for point of sale’ process. Our experts engineers can help bring fresh perspectives to the automation of packaging for multiple shipment and delivery requirements. Call us Today at (718) 461 8613 and let’s talk about your challenges.

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Orics Greek Yogurt, lassi

Yogurt Cup Filling Sealing Machine

Yogurt cup Filling and sealing packaging machine.

Orics S-50 4 up Yogurt cup filling sealing machine.

Orics automated yogurt cup filling sealing machine, full packaging solution for yogurt cup.

All ORICS Machines are engineered and fabricated in our Facility at 240 Smith Street farmingdale, NY.

Tel: 718-461-8613

Orics tray seal machine

diced sliced tomatoes packaging machine

diced sliced tomatoes packaging machine, This turnkey ORICS S-30 system is designed to minimize the number of human operators required for the packaging of diced tomatoes in 4 lb trays. Everything from the dicing of tomatoes to the placement in trays is fully automated, reducing the number of Operators from nearly a dozen to just 2 or 3. Featuring a Denester, Elevator Conveyor, Scale, Scale Interface, Heatseal and Outfeed, this system parallels the processing conveyors that utilize a screw infeed, an elevator conveyor, a dicer and washing/draining/transport system. This system represents a complete packaging system from start to finish and is just one example of how ORICS can increase your bottom line and streamline your applications.

Like all ORICS products, the S-30 is manufactured in the United States at our Farmingdale, NY facility. For more information call 718-461-8613
Orics cups and trays filling and sealing machines.

Orics tray sealers

Fresh Produce Packaging

Orics vegetable tray filling and sealing machine

Orics vegetable tray filling and sealing machine

  Watch Orics SLTS Tray Sealer Fresh Produce.

Watch Orics S-30 tray Sealer Fresh Produce.

Orics will Get you the most out of your fresh produce with  packaging solutions and proven controlled atmosphere packaging technology.

Fresh Produce Packaging by Orics Industries

Fresh produce is more susceptible to disease organisms because of increase in the respiration rate after harvesting. The respiration of fresh fruits and vegetables can be reduced by many preservation techniques. Modified atmospheres (MA), i.e., elevated concentrations of carbon dioxide and reduced levels of oxygen and ethylene, can be useful supplements to provide optimum temperature and relative humidity in maintaining the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables after harvest.

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) technology is largely used for minimally processed fruits and vegetables including fresh, “ready-to-use” vegetables.                                                        Extensive research has been done in this research area for many decades. Oxygen, CO2, and N2, are most often used in MAP. The recommended percentage of O2 in a modified atmosphere for fruits and vegetables for both safety and quality falls between 1 and 5%. Although other gases such as nitrous and nitric oxides, sulphur dioxide, ethylene, chlorine, as well as ozone and propylene oxide have also been investigated, they have not been applied commercially due to safety, regulatory, and cost considerations. Successful control of both product respiration and ethylene production and perception by MAP can result in a fruit or vegetable product of high organoleptic quality; however, control of these processes is dependent on temperature control.

orics vegetables tray sealing

orics vegetables tray sealing

orics fresh produce packaging

orics fresh produce packaging



Products Packaged on ORICS Equipment

Lasagna Tray Packaging

Orics full production line for Lasagna or Orics Lasagna tray packaging line, Product assembly to final packaging on the Orics ILTS-1200. Orics fully integrates with scales and other third party suppliers to create complete lines, lasagna tray sealing and packaging.

The series ILTS 1200 line can pack prepared dishes consisting of lasagna and cannelloni with a single production line. Designed and built with the maximum care to the cleaning and hygiene of every part,  with the following approximate hourly production, referring to the lasagna product:  1200, 1800, 2400 trays/hour with the “linear” type line installation. The number and arrangement of the dispensers depends on the recipe to specify the number of layers of pasta and sequence for dosing the liquid ingredients.

The Orics ILTS Modified Atmosphere Packaging (M.A.P.) Equipment is available in many configurations to meet a variety of production requirements. Orics Machinery is made in the USA. Visit our website at
Orics cups and trays filling and sealing machines. Orics lasagna packaging line machines.
240 Smith Street, Farmingdale, NY 11735

Orics straight line tray sealer

Orics SLTS-850

Watch Orics ILTS Complete Lasagna Tray packaging Machine.


1000 CMTS-LP

Lassi Filling Machine

Production of lassi has been confined, to a large extent, to the households and local stores, mainly because of non-availability of a standardized technique for the manufacture of uniform quality lassi and its limited shelf life. In 1972 the technology was standardized and regular production of lassi started. but still not until 1991 that shelf life was able to be extended enough to market world wide.
In 1991, Ori Cohen C.E.O and president of Orics Industries came up with the technology that was able to extend shelf life in most packaged food.
Like Yogurt or salads like salsa or Hummus, lassi is usually packed in cups or tubs with film or foil seal and over cap or not.
Orics offers wide range of machines that can fill and seal cups and tubs, from table top manual machines that can fill and seal 3-8 cups per minutes, like the M-10 and the VGF-100.
a rotary automatic filling sealing machine that can fill and seal from 30 cups per minute on a one up machine {MR-35) or 70 cups per minute on the R-50 two up machine.
linear machines like the S-30 or S-50 or the PB-1000 can handle any where from 30 cups per minute to 1000 CPM.
to learn more about Orics fillers and sealers food packaging equipment please visit our equipment page or the video page.
lassi filling machine is one of our specialties.

Watch Orics R-50 Rotary Lassi Cup Filling and sealing Machine.


Orics cup and tray fill and seal

Orics Dairy & Deli

Featured in Packaging World, June 30, 2014

ORICS MAP comes to dairy Packaging machines

Described as “the first application of modified atmosphere packaging technology in a dairy product,” a 6.5-oz whipped cheese product from New Holland, PA-based BC-USA was the subject of a feature story in our February issue of 1995, year two of Packaging World’s existence.

Peter Ouwerkerk, Engineering and Development Manager at the subsidiary of France’s Bongrain Soparind Groupe said this at the time: “Some dairy packagers minimize residual oxygen by blowing nitrogen into or across the container to displace oxygen, but they don’t remove it first and then back flush as we do. Now MAP comes to dairy ” A six-up system from [ORICS] was the machine used to fill the package.

Orics M.A.P Modified Atmosphere Packaging in filling and sealing machine

Orics Made-in-USA

Orics Made-in-USA

Orics cup and tray fill and seal

Orics Dairy & Deli

Original Article:  Packaging World, June 30, 2014

Customers Purchase ORICS equipment at Pack Expo, Las Vegas 2007

Revisiting Las Vegas: Vistors Purchase ORICS Equipment

Their 2005 visit to Pack Expo Las Vegas yielded big dividends, so these two packaging professionals plan a return to Vegas for another look-see.

By Pat Reynolds, VP Editor, Packaging World

A. Duda & Sons increased productivity by 70%. Kona Joe Coffee boosted production even more dramatically. How? By purchasing new equipment seen at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2005. Needless to say, principals from both firms will return to Las Vegas for this year’s edition of Pack Expo Las Vegas, sponsored, as always, by the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (

A. Duda & Sons, out of Oviedo, FL, is one of the world’s largest producers of celery products. It also serves both retail and foodservice markets, selling its products under the Dandy brand name. Products in addition to celery include mandarins, red grapefruits, red and white onions, broccoli, and cauliflower.

With operation centers as far-flung as Michigan, South Africa, and Spain, the firm found it increasingly difficult to maintain necessary production speeds while relying on a manual packaging process.

“Having been to Pack Expo on numerous occasions, I knew it would be a good opportunity to investigate ways we could improve efficiency,” says Steve Bocchino, vice president of procurement and packaging at Duda.

After extensive research, Bocchino purchased a linear-motion S-30-DX Heat Seal Machine from [ORICS]. ( to help increase the value of the company’s Dandy Microwaveable Sweet Corn brand. The sweet corn is fully-husked and tray-packed into individual packages that can go right into the microwave. Both three- and four-count packages are available.

Prior to the purchase of the Orics S-30, Duda depended heavily on a smaller table-top steam sealing machine. “Microwavable corn trays were filled by hand and manually steam pressed closed, requiring excess film and increased labor time as well as low productivity,” says Bocchino.

The sleek design of the S-30 proved to be a perfect fit for A. Duda & Sons. Orics customized the system to include an extended frame and registered film slice-cut mechanism to handle the specially vented printed film that adorns the top of each Dandy Microwaveable Sweet Corn pack.

The S-30’s film feeder technology offers additional benefits. Film is cut in between each container, leaving no wasted film and saving the company more than $35,000 a year. The approach also minimizes environmental impact by decreasing the amount of material discarded.

Installation proved to be an easy, hassle-free process. Orics also offered off-site training, which “was invaluable for our employees,” recalls Bocchino. “They were able to learn first hand from trained instructors how to operate the system.”

The S-30 packs two trays per cycle for A. Duda & Sons and has increased productivity by 70%. In addition, by eliminating the manual packing process, the S-30 has also helped free up employees to handle more strategic tasks within the organization.

Original Article: Packaging World, August 9, 2007

Pack Expo 2015

Pack Expo 2015