Videos Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal System

These videos focus on the ORICS FFS-30 Form-Fill-Seal, an inline, intermittent motion sealing system that forms trays, cups and pouches in real-time from rollstock film.  Film may be flexible, semi-rigid, or rigid (with some restrictions). By forming trays online, this system has the ability to save the user tens of thousands of dollars by eliminating the costs associated with purchasing and shipping pre-formed trays.  Final package may be ambient, vacuumed (drawn tight around the product), gas flushed to create a gas/air filled package or vacuum gas flushed to create a true Modified Atmosphere (M.A.P.) package.  Applications include food, pharmaceutical and medical.  We invite you to subscribe to our YouTube™ Channel by clicking here so that you may be notified any time a new video is posted.