Pneumatic Piston Filler



The air-powered VF-ND-3200 is a pneumatic volumetric piston filler, capable of completing up to 50 cycles per minute. This filler is used for viscous products as thin as water and as thick as the thickest stews and batters.  It is the perfect choice for high-volume filling, featuring a high precision (0.2% volume deviation), non-splash, non-drip nozzle system that can deliver up to 32 ounces of product at a time from a 27 gallon product hopper.


  • Stainless steel tubing frame with casters for easy mobility
  • Equipped with locking mechanism to secure the machine to the floor
  • 10″ piston stroke with adjustable volume
  • 10″ height adjustment to fit any conveyor
  • Constructed to withstand washdown environment
  • Simple operation and maintenance — no need for tools to take the filler apart
  • Fills hot and cold products
  • Meets or exceeds all FDA and USDA standards


Filler can be broken down for cleaning without tools


Piston fillers may be constructed to fill multiple containers in a single cycle, like this 64-Out Piston Filler.


30″ x 24″ x 72″

Maximum Performance

50 cycles per minute