Orics cup sealing machine


Orics filling sealing machine

Hummus cups filling sealing machine

Hummus Cups  Filling  Sealing Machine.

Orics S-30 1 up Hummus Filling and sealing machine.    Orics MR-35 Rotary Hummus Cup filling and Sealing machine.


Orics S-50 Hummus Filling Sealing Machine.



Globalization opens borders and exports the best cuisine of each country. Nowadays you can choose from a wide  range of restaurants for dinner on a Saturday night. And surely you’ve been to any Arab-style restaurant and you  have seen an  orange cream that attract your attention . This is Hummus, a chickpea puree that is gaining strength every day between European cuisine.

The Hummus consumption and demand is rising throughout Europe, not being exclusive product of Greece and the Middle Eastern. Now, all european countries are becoming part of the Hummus consumption.

This dish is made from mashed chickpeas and mixed with Tahina cream and olive oil. The Hummus was born in Egypt and the preparation is the same from the beginning.

As Part of our engineering Duty we, at orics designed our filling and sealing machines to do just that.

we brought you here a list of our cup and tub filling and sealing machines video page so you can scroll and watch our machines at work.

like the hummus also the yogurt and lassi products can be viewed on this list, sit back enjoy and choose your solution, from one up machine that will fill and seal 30 cups or tubs per minute and up to high speed continuous motion 500 cups per minute.

Hummus cups filling sealing machine.


Orics cups tubs filling sealing machine

Orics Rotary cups and Tubs filler and sealer

Products Packaged on ORICS Equipment


Featured in Packaging World, June 30, 2014

ORICS MAP comes to dairy Packaging machines

Described as “the first application of modified atmosphere packaging technology in a dairy product,” a 6.5-oz whipped cheese product from New Holland, PA-based BC-USA was the subject of a feature story in our February issue of 1995, year two of Packaging World’s existence.

Peter Ouwerkerk, Engineering and Development Manager at the subsidiary of France’s Bongrain Soparind Groupe said this at the time: “Some dairy packagers minimize residual oxygen by blowing nitrogen into or across the container to displace oxygen, but they don’t remove it first and then back flush as we do. Now MAP comes to dairy ” A six-up system from [ORICS] was the machine used to fill the package.

Orics M.A.P Modified Atmosphere Packaging in filling and sealing machine

Orics Made-in-USA

Orics Made-in-USA

Orics cup and tray fill and seal

Orics Dairy & Deli

Original Article:  Packaging World, June 30, 2014


ORICS Introduces U.S. Made Form-Fill-Seal

US-made form-fill-seal  by ORICS

ORICS Introduces U.S. Made Form-Fill-Seal

The Orics FFS-30 form-fill-seal system is an intermittent-motion, variable-speed sealing system that forms a maximum tray size of 16″ x 12″ and a maximum tray depth of 4″. The system can be combined with modified atmosphere options or can be purchased with full aseptic construction for certain dairy or medical device applications.

The Orics Form-Fill-Seal Machine is consider by Many to be future of all Sealing Technology and the best way to illuminate inventory of cups and tray in your facility.

Original Interview: Packaging World, September 29, 2013




  Watch Orics FFS-30 Form Fill Seal Video. 

ORICS FFS-30 Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal machine



Sunflower Kitchens excels with equipment by ORICS


Thriving hummus producer maintains the cutting quality edge with (equipment by ORICS)

Making hay while the sun shines is sound, time-tested advice for any small business trying to grow to the proverbial next level. And these are sunny days indeed for the super-friendly folks running the Sunflower Kitchen plant in east-end Toronto—one of a fastgrowing number of Canadian-based producers of the increasingly popular chickpea-based spread called hummus, a core staple of Middle Eastern diet and cuisine for well over a millennia…

As the company’s sales steadily increased,prompting four relocations to bigger premises in the past seven years, so had its need for more automated, higher-capacity processing, packaging and quality control equipment,according to Jungreis.

“It was our move to automation that ultimately led Sunflower Kitchens to decide exactly what products to make and distribute into the marketplace,” says Jungreis. “With the ability to do automated fills quickly and easily, we were able to determine exactly what products we could make to fill the market needs.”

The bulk of the plant’s hummus production is handled by the linear model PB-1000 filler and lidder from ORICS Industries Inc., which operates by dropping a small plastic tub from above onto the conveying line, filling it with hummus, vacuum sealing it with a layer of plastic film and crowning it with a semi-rigid, pop-top plastic lid before moving it out of the system for case packing.

Other key pieces of packaging machinery at the Sunflower Kitchens plant include an ORICS R20 rotary filler, …and an ORICS model R30 rotary filler for hot-fill applications.

Original Article: Canadian Packaging, July/August 2013

ORICS Equipment Gallery

ORICS – Equipment for every application


ORICS and Spartech sealing machine innovation

Spartech-ORICS partnership creates turnkey packaging solution for food brands

ORICS and Spartech sealing machine innovation

A recent collaboration between ORICS, designer and manufacturer of high-speed packaging equipment and Spartech Packaging Technologies, business segment of Spartech Corporation, has resulted in a turnkey solution for food brands seeking a comprehensive single-source option for food packaging.

A new option for food brands in the North American market, the 1-Seal lidding technology is a durable, sustainable, re-sealable packaging solution. The polypropylene label-lid combo serves dual purposes; capping and sealing rigid plastic containers in one step and eliminating the need for foil or film membranes in the sealing process. The 1-Seal lid is heat-tolerant, microwavable, freezer-to-microwave ready and recyclable in streams that collect polypropylene.

The 1-Seal technology was awarded the 2012 SPI International Plastics Design Competition Packaging Award and is featured in Packaging World’s 34 Best Packaging Designs of 2012. Jeffrey Best, Director of Marketing for Spartech Packaging Technologies, believes ORICS’ reputation as an innovator and trusted leader in automated packaging solutions will be an added value to any food brand looking to transition to using 1-Seal technology.

Best stated, “I have worked with ORICS for many years and during this time they have consistently incorporated new packaging technologies and materials into their production capabilities. ORICS is an innovator and has been recognized by the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI) for their efforts. When Spartech decided to commercialize the 1-Seal technology, I contacted ORICS because I was sure that they would want to promote this technology within their portfolio of packaging production capabilities.”

Through this partnership, customers can be assured that both equipment and packaging will work in harmony.

ORICS and Spartech sealing machine innovation

Original Article: Packaging World, October 26, 2012