Servo-Driven Straight Line Packaging System



ORICS SLTS high speed, in-line, M.A.P. Tray Sealer. Running at up to 15 cycles per minute speeds from 20-200 trays per minute (depending on model chosen).

Quick, easy and inexpensive tooling change over, in less than 10 minutes. Excellent for case-ready applications, ready meals, fresh & frozen prepared meals, fresh produce and more.


The SLTS is an inline tray sealing machine, where trays are automatically placed on a carrier plate. Trays can run on any straight line conveyor system.
Trays can be random or oriented; The SLTS indexer will orient them to the right center distance, pick them and place them. Once the trays are in the carriers of the machine, the chamber will be locked with a servo drive toggle crank mechanism vacuum and or gas flush seal and cut of the film will take place. An inside cut of film trim can be achieved with no additional cost.


Equipped with a programmable logic controller (PLC), the SLTS can be configured for a variety of production applications. All of the machine’s functions are controlled from a digital touch screen with a state-of-the-art, menu-driven interface.


  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction
  • CE certified and built to the highest hygiene standards
  • AC indexing infeed conveyor with mechanical stops
  • Allan Bradley PLC with color touch screen fully programmable
  • Full on screen fault diagnostics and modem for remote diagnostics
  • Seal heads individually controlled for pressure, time and temperature
  • Lane control allows you to switch off any lane and still produce product
  • Servo driven die lifting system with mechanical toggle locking
  • Servo driven gripper arms for tray transportation
  • Quick change tool system with no hand tools required


The total length of the SLTS–850 machine is approximately 12 feet long. Conveyor height is 42″ inches.


Maximum Performance

15 cycles per minute x the number of trays per cycle