Servo-Driven, Intermittent Motion, Pushbar Conveyor and M.A.P. Tray Sealer

PB-1000 Inline, Intermittent Motion Pushbar Tray Sealer


The ORICS PB-1000 is a servo-driven, washdown capable, high speed Modified Atmosphere (M.A.P.) tray sealing line. Sealing up to 60 Modified Atmosphere Packages per minute, this flexible unit is perfect for any application requiring multiple tray designs and high output.


Trays can be automatically denested onto the conveyor deck and are transported via a push-bar type conveyor. At each index, containers are filled, sealed, lidded and automatically discharged. At the M.A.P. station, beneath a heat seal head and vacuum chamber assembly, the package head space is evacuated and gas flushed with a computer-controlled constant flow of inert gas (Nitrogen and/or Carbon Dioxide). Film is die-cut as the trays are sealed and waste is automatically collected on a quick release drive.


Equipped with a programmable logic controller (PLC), the PB-1000 can be configured for a variety of production applications. All of the machine’s functions are controlled from a digital touch screen with a state-of-the-art, menu-driven interface.


  • AC Servo for main drive.
  • Tooling are designed for each package.
  • Tooling changeover is for ONE carrier only.
  • Meets or exceeds all FDA and USDA standards.
  • Constructed to withstand washdown environment.
  • Equipped with a programmable logic controller (PLC).
  • Designed for quick, easy and inexpensive change over.
  • Guards are equipped with interlock switches for added safety.
  • Stainless steel frame is mounted on leveling adjustment pads.
  • Film Feeder mechanism operates with three independent AC motors for proper tension control.


The total length of the standard machine is approximately 15′ to 16′ feet long. Conveyor height is 42″ inches. There is about 9′ feet of loading space on a standard PB-1000, where an automated or manual product placement can take place. Length can be shortened if shorter loading space is acceptable and could be longer if required.

Maximum Performance

Up to 60 containers per minute (with #3 M.A.P.’d trays) depending on product, head space and desired residual Oxygen level.