TP-1G-1000 Transfer Pump

Liquid Transfer Pump



The ORICS TP-1G-1000 Piston Transfer Pump moves your viscous product from your cooking kettles to volumetric piston fillers or, other destinations. It does so gently, without changing the product’s texture, preventing the particulate content from being crushed. The pump has a 2.5″ inch opening for both in-take and discharge sanitary valves.

The transfer pump is mounted on a stainless steel frame and on 4 casters for easy mobility. Built to withstand complete wash-down.


The ORICS TP-1G-1000 Transfer Pump can be activated both manually, with a latching on/off button for a continuous operation or, automatically with liquid level sensors mounted in your filler’s hopper to control the pump’s operation.


  • 1 gallon per stroke
  • up to 40 gallons per minute
  • Constructed from stainless steel
  • Can handle large particulates in your product without damaging them
  • Mounted on 4 casters for easy mobility

Maximum Performance

40 cycles per minute