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2020 Packaging Trends: A Look Backward

Vintage Is Cool

2019 saw retro style taking the marketing and advertising industries by storm, and with it, the return of vintage packaging. Buzzwords like vintage, retro and classic come and go in cycles and the current state of consumer taste is favorable to nostalgic looks.

Many manufacturers are already riding the wave and vintage is making itself part of the psychological landscape in every corner of pop culture, from restaurant menus to background music in television and film.

This trend can be seen in the food and drinks industry through packaging. Many major food and beverage companies are featuring products with package designs that are nostalgic in visual appeal.

Quarterly earnings from many food companies suggests that vintage branding does sell, both online and in physical stores, for a variety of reasons.

The Real Deal

Authenticity is a strong purchasing trigger for many people. We live in a marketplace of knock-off, generic copycat products and people like to know they have the original. Retro style packaging conveys authenticity because it often suggests good workmanship and top quality. Vintage design can get the buyer to think about values of the brand. Retro imagery also suggests scarcity, which is a strong purchase trigger for most people. Tapping into these strong triggers among buyers results in more sales volume.

Sometime we associate nostalgia with quality, partly because of fond memories of older, non-existent brands but also because of the suggestion of care and attention to detail associated with the “good old days”. Vintage packaging reassures the buyer that they’re making the right choice, the only choice, the product that’s been popular for a long time because of its good quality.

Eye Catching

The most important factor in the visual presentation of a product is that it stands out in a sea of sameness. More and more, brands rely on uniqueness to catch the consumers attention. Retro designs tend to be attention grabbers in a crowded market space, which is driving the trend towards vintage packaging design.

Modern packaging processes such as those used in modified atmosphere packaging allows for brands to use the visual aspect of vintage design, with the safety, sustainability and economical benefits of the latest technology.

If you are considering a more vintage design for your product ORICS Industries can help with the automated system to deliver the results you are looking for. Whether a retooling of an existing system or design and manufacture of a new system, ORICS can provide you with an affordable solution to keep up with any packaging trend.

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Orics at PackExpo

New Features at PackExpo for 2019

New Features At PackExpo 2019

The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies has added new features to this years PackExpo show, offering more on-floor experiences and education to maximize time spent at the show.

The improvements include:

Robotics Zone, showcasing some of the latest technologies in robotics where you can witness their capabilities and see them in action.

The Forum, offering free, 45-minute learning sessions on the latest industry trends, including hands-on activities, small group discussions and Q&A each day of the show.

Technology Excellence Awards. recognizing exhibitors’ innovative technology that has not yet been shown at a PACK EXPO and Healthcare Packaging EXPO in the previous calendar year.

CarrerLink Live, PMMI’s online job board, is going live for the first time at PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging EXPO in 2019. CareerLink LIVE @ PACK EXPO is an opportunity for PMMI, CPA, IoPP members and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies to meet with students and veterans pursuing careers in packaging and processing during one-on-one informational interviews.

To keep track of all the new additions as well as old favorites, attendees can use My Show Planner to check the schedule of booth activities, add itinerary sessions and plan routes around the show floor. Get more info here.

Of course, ORICS Industries will again be exhibiting at PackExpo this year and to help you save time and organize your schedule we taking requests for pre-scheduled appointments using the simple form below. Please indicate date and time you would like to meet: September 23—25, 2019, between 9:00am and 6:00pm PST.

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Packaging Is More Than A Pretty Container

The eyes have it. It is true, and it is hardwired into our brains. Anything that looks beautiful and appealing to the eyes is likely to trigger an assumption that it will be appealing other senses. This is something to consider with regard to product packaging.
Product identification and awareness are the primary functions of packaging and labeling, of course. They provide customers product information including ingredients, nutritional facts, volume and buy-before dates. They also play an important role in marketing. More than ever, standing out in a sea of sameness is key to grabbing consumers attention.

Attractive packaging helps to create a customer’s connection to a brand with some functional and emotional content. Information related to storage and preservation of package contents and features that make the product celebratory, aspirational or proud to own or gift help create a relationship with the brand.

An attractive package isn’t everything, but visual appeal does matter.

How Packaging Relates to Marketing

Consider the role packaging and labeling plays in the marketing of a product.

1. Providing Important Information to Customers.
Delivering information to the customer quickly and conveniently is the core of every marketing campaign. This is especially true for new products launches, where product information plays a crucial role in market penetration. Packaging should deliver essential information—such as how to use a technology device; how to cook or store food; procedures and precautions to take during product usage; and so on. In short, it gives the details that you can’t cover in short form advertising.

With more and more people shopping online, even for food, the role of information delivery in packaging becomes even more pronounced. Unboxing a new package from an ecommerce transaction will be the first time that a consumer interacts with a product and brand. This unboxing is critically important and can even have a psychological influence on how much enjoyment the consumer gets from a product. Online sales create a new channel for reaching customers and driving sales, but it’s important not to fall into the trap of thinking that this eliminates the need for attractive packaging.

You can use your packaging information to protect your company. While it is true that you can’t give all the information about your product in short form advertising, what if someone sues you for information not provided? Printing the information on the packaging safeguards the company.

2. Showcasing Sustainability.
There is a good reason why more and more businesses are opting for sustainable packaging across the world. In 2016, the global green packaging market reached $139,000,000,000. Also, it is expected to cross $230.000,000,000 by 2024, equaling a compound annual growth rate of 6.5% between 2016 and 2024.

Biodegradable molded fiber is gaining rapid commercial importance in the packaging industry and is one good way to show your customers you care. Consumers are not just ready to buy something that’s environmentally friendly but are also willing to pay more for it.

3. Extending Brand Image.
When we think of any major brand, we generally see an image of the brand’s signature product package. The packaging is responsible for the product’s brand image and brand recognition.

The role of packaging in marketing the marriage between form and functionality. The purpose of the packaging is to entice customers not only to buy the products but also to come back for more. It becomes synonymous to your brand’s image, as it grabs the attention of your target audience, while functioning as a tool for information transmission.

It is therefore essential to consider all aspects of your product packaging so that it creates the most profitable impact.

Putting it All Together.
Once you have figured out the perfect packaging for your product that’s when ORICS can help provide you with the perfect automated system to get your product into the packaging. Our superior designs can help you maximize productivity, extend shelf life and freshness, expand distribution territories and maintain quality control.


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Getting The Most From Form, Fill & Seal Equipment

For many brands, horizontal form-fill-seal (FFS) equipment represents a significant investment. FFS machines can be the most expensive machine on the packaging line. To maximize return on the investment, companies re-purpose machines for packaging a range of products. This makes quick tooling changes an attractive feature.

Over the last few years, ORICS Industries has worked to ease changeover in our FFS-30 for changing package sizes. We understand that our customers have been looking for ways to make it more efficient.

The ease of changeover can depend upon how easy it is to get tools in and out. Tools are often heavy and require a lot of muscle to remove and replace. This can result in injury risks, such as strained backs, broken fingers, etc. The risk of damage to tools is also heightened.

Changeover varies in complexity. The change may simply be to the packaging material, maintaining the same packaging footprint. Or, an entirely new package size or style may be needed. The amount of tooling changes depends on the degree of packaging change.

Tooling that can be changed includes forming dies, sealing platens, and cutting knives. There are control issues that may need to be changed to accommodate different packages, such as changing temperature, pressure, and index length. And there are peripheral issues associated with things like lot coders and in-line printers to changeover.

Should You Change?

Many companies that employ FFS machinery do so because they want better productivity and lower costs. Higher volumes may justify a dedicated packaging line, thus obviating the need for routine changeover. A daily production on FFS could be more than 100,000 packages, depending on the product being manufactured. Thus, the goal is often not to change out tooling.”

There may be other reasons for foregoing changeover. Validation of FFS is directly tied into forming tooling, loading, printing, sealing, and cutting. This process, when properly done, can take up to a week or more per tooling set. Once this activity is successfully completed, manufacturers would not want to upset the apple cart by making changes. This is also reinforced by the fact that FFS runs are generally three shifts for many weeks, sometimes months.

A partial if not complete validation would be required every time tooling is changed out. Depending upon the actual situation, the cost of the re-validation could exceed the potential cost savings of ‘quick-change’ tooling.

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E-Commerce Is Driving Packaging Innovation


Packaging With E-Commerce In Mind

Traditionally, product manufacturers have packaged goods that consumers would directly unstock from shelves in a brick and mortar retail environment. In many cases, the e-commerce sales of the same products would result in products being packed for the merchant, unpacked and stored or stocked, and then re-packed and shipped to the customer, resulting in higher costs
half of the work is unpackaging a product to repack it for e-commerce. Half of the work is unpackaging a product to repack it for e-commerce.

With so much extra handling of packages, damage rates rise and returns work to raise costs and drive profits down. The industry must take a new look at the true cost of returns due to breakage and void in shipping,

The challenges presented by e-commerce delivery are forcing brands to consider multiple packaging versions, depending on the route the product will take to the consumer. Reducing the number of packing and unpacking steps between the source and the end-user is key to managing costs and maintaining margins.

ORICS Industries would like to help your company navigate the complicated landscape of strategizing your ‘packaging for point of sale’ process. Our experts engineers can help bring fresh perspectives to the automation of packaging for multiple shipment and delivery requirements. Call us Today at (718) 461 8613 and let’s talk about your challenges.

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Expanding Markets In Packaging


Increasing advancement in packaging technology for variety of end-use application increases the expectations that the demand will grow further in the next ten years. Manual tasks are quickly being replaced by automatic packaging machines in many industries. Most of the demand for packaging machinery is generated from the food & beverages industry due to significant growth in the consumption of the packaged food.

New Formats Create The Need For New Solutions.

New packaging formats in the e-commerce and food & beverages industry are gaining popularity which has created the need for development of product-specific packaging machinery. Packaging machinery manufacturers are innovating in terms of increasing the efficiency of existing products and the development of customized products according to the requirement of customers.

Global demand for packaging machinery is growing and light speed. ORICS Industries is leading the way in terms of offering highly sophisticated and automated packaging machinery.

These packaging machines are widely used in different end-use industries, prominently in the food & beverages industry, for products that are shipped in cups, tubs, trays, jars, bowls, etc. Form fill and seal machines are increasingly gaining traction in the emerging market due to the integration of three processes in a single system.

More and more end-use companies are demanding integrated packaging machinery rather than purchasing different machinery for a specific application. Integration of packaging machinery has also propelled the demand for turnkey packaging machinery globally.

At ORICS Industries, we’re finding new markets such as cosmetics, cannabis, tissue, and all sorts of consumer goods are increasing demand for integrated automation solutions. Are key markets remain Fresh Produce, Meat, Poultry & Seafood, Dairy/ Deli, Ready Meals, Medical & Pharmaceutical and Institutional distribution.

Find out how we can help you to grow and stay competitive in your market. Call us for a free, no-obligation consultation and let’s discuss how we can make your packaging the best it can be.


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6 Benefits of Automation in the Food Industry

Food producers often operate within narrow margins and under high quality standards. When it comes to maximizing profitability and providing consumers with an even better product, automation can be a competitive edge. ORICS industries has been leading the way in the field of automated packaging systems for the food industry since 1990.

Automation systems are now considered essential in virtually all sectors of the food industry and are solving some basic long-standing challenges:

Quality Control

Quality is the major concern for both food producers and consumers. Packaging automation enables suppliers to notice and isolate defects, ensuring faulty products do not enter the marketplace and underlying manufacturing faults are corrected.

Improved Safety

Automation can provide a more granular view of every step of food packaging. Producers can adapt more quickly to changes in safety standards because a change in one process will not introduce unexpected consequences in other areas.

End to End Accountability

Traceability is a growing concern in the food packaging industry. By streamlining traceability, food producers can cut down on regulatory compliance costs and continuously improve key processes.

Expanding Delivery Territory

Modified Atmosphere Packaging, M.A.P., using automatic systems like those ORICS provides enables suppliers to market food products at greater distances from the packaging origin.

Extending Shelf Life

Modified Atmosphere enables fresh and minimally processed packaged food products to maintain visual, textural and nutritional appeal. The controlled MAP environment enables food packaging to provide an extended shelf life without requiring the addition of chemical preservatives or stabilizers.

Protecting the Brand

Food producers rely upon their brand reputation to maintain a good relationship with the end consumer. A single product recall or disease outbreak can be enough to shutter a business – and it can throw customers’ lives into chaos. In the end, automation means brand protection.

Bringing Automated Packaging Solutions To A Variety Of Industries

Orics Industries caters to a wide range of industries producing an even wider range of products,  candy and condiments, and fresh and frozen foods, to industrial goods and pharmaceuticals. All benefit from automation of packaging lines, whether it is semi automated or fully automated packaging machinery.

Some of the industries that benefit most are listed below:

The Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry is enormous, and much of the automated packaging equipment we provide is for niches within these industries that include:

  • Condiments
  • Dry foods
  • Fresh foods
  • Frozen foods
  • Liquids including juice
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Snack food
  • Candy
  • Ready Meals
  • Dairy/Deli
  • Yogurt

Some automated packaging machinery can be used for different types of food or beverages, some are more specialized.

The Pharmaceutical Industry

A huge global industry generating trillions of dollars every year, the pharmaceutical industry produces drugs, medicines and various medications in every form possible. And there are automated packaging solutions for every type.

The Nutraceutical Industry

Related to both the food and pharmaceutical industries, the nutraceutical industry focuses on health and nutrition, and includes a vast range of products from dietary supplements, herbal products and isolated nutrients, to engineered designer foods. Automated packaging machinery is used for cups, trays, tubs etc..

The Consumer Products Industry

Consumer products are vast and varied, and include everything that caters for our needs, whether for health and hygiene, food and drink, cleaning, personal care, clothing, or beauty products. Vacuum packaging systems for dry dog food and cat kibbles.

The Cosmetics Industry

The cosmetics industry as a whole produces a range of beauty and personal and facial care products ranging from hair and body products, to makeup and perfume. Bottom of Form.

Whichever industry you operate in, Orics can supply cost effective equipment that will reliably automate your packaging processes and help to bolster the bottom line of your business.

F/f/s partnership for machines and materials

The Orics form/fill/seal system thermoforms APET material and is good for food, medical devices, hardware, electronics, or anything needing either a permanent or reclosable flexible film lidding. A partnership among Orics, lidstock provider Berry Plastics, and forming web supplier Klockner Pentaplast brings global advantages.

automation in food packaging

Automation Is Driving American Industry

Virtually every business is looking for ways to utilize automation to improve effectiveness and cut costs. The food packaging and pharmaceutical packaging industries are among those finding solutions in custom designed machinery to meet their specific needs.

Along with government mandated regulations for safety, the fiscal need for efficiency and cost-saving are driving increased demand for labor-saving automation to address specific market trends.

Consumer demand for convenience drives most markets but the main concerns in food processing remain the same; maximizing yield, reducing waste, enhancing reliability and ensuring hygiene and safety.

The rising demand for ready-to-cook meals and prepared cuts of meat are driving developments in modified atmosphere packaging and skin pack formats with extended shelf-life.

Quality control is another important factor driving the automation boom and industries are relying more on robotic QC mechanisms to ensure that their product is as good as it can be when it reaches the market.

Workplace safety is of course a major driver in the shift to automated systems. Injuries in any production line are more than just an inconvenient byproduct of manufacturing, they serve to drive insurance premiums up as well.

ORICS Industries has been designing and manufacturing custom solutions for packaging since 1990 and is the leader in modified atmosphere packaging systems worldwide. With a focus on solving specific the challenges faced by individual industries, ORICS provides technological answers to maximizing yield, reducing waste, extending shelf life, and quality control, while delivering hassle free systems that are reliable and forward thinking so they last for years, even decades.

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