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Chocolate Tray Sealing machine

The ORICS S-30 1×3 heart shaped candy Chocolate tray sealing machine. This ORICS S-30 1×3 system was this candy manufacturer’s heart’s desire. Manually placed, chocolate-filled, heart-shaped trays are placed into the S-30’s carriers. Designed with manual loading in mind, the system is designed to wait until all the carriers are filled, prior to advancing into […]

Spaghetti Meal Packaging machine

click to watch the video : VGF-1000 2-up Pasta tray fill and seal Home cooking pasta is an enduring tradition all over the world,  according to market intelligence , pasta is also the most popular meal choice in restaurants. The increasing appeal and take-up of Mediterranean cuisine among global consumers has caused an explosion in […]

Falafel Balls Forming Machine

ORICS FRM-8 FALAFEL BALLS FORMING MACHINE. When ORICS received an Inquiry From Haggai Lavi, C.E.O and Founder of “FALAFAPITA GLUTEN FREE”, Located in Brooklyn, NY,  To Engineer and construct a Machine that will form Falafel balls at a rate of 240 balls per minute, ORICS welcomed the challenge with open arms. Falafel is made primarily […]

Pomegranate Seeds Cup Filling Sealing Packaging Machine

Pomegranate Seeds Cup Filling Sealing Packaging Machine Fresh pomegranates may be incredibly heart healthy, but could nature have invented a more annoyingly inaccessible fruit? Find out how to get the goods—without the hassle. Our S-30 Pomegranate Seeds cup filling sealing machine is a perfect solution for the new hot item on the shelves (pomegranate Seeds) […]

Cheese Packaging Machine

  Watch our video of  Cheese packaging machine.   ORICS Cheese Packaging Machine. There is an ORICS packaging solution to match every way people like to enjoy cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products. From easy-peel yogurt lids to deep-drawn cheese packaging, ORICS Machines help keep dairy products fresh, flavorful and extend shelf life, by preventing […]

Fresh Produce Packaging

  Watch Orics SLTS Tray Sealer Fresh Produce. Watch Orics S-30 tray Sealer Fresh Produce. Orics will Get you the most out of your fresh produce with  packaging solutions and proven controlled atmosphere packaging technology. Fresh Produce Packaging by Orics Industries Fresh produce is more susceptible to disease organisms because of increase in the respiration rate […]

Multihead Scale Weigher

A ‘typical target’ weight per pack might be 100 grams of a product. The product is fed[4] to the top of the multihead weigher where it is dispersed to the pool hoppers. Each pool hopper drops the product into a weigh hopper beneath it as soon as the weigh hopper becomes empty. The Multihead scale […]

Fruit Cup Tray sealing

ORICS- Fruit cup and tray sealing.   Watch Orics Fruit Cup Filling and Sealing.   The average consumer rarely thinks about how their strawberries, asparagus or yogurt got to the supermarket aisle. They simply peruse the items and select the ones they want. But those strawberries have been on a journey of many steps, considerations […]

Lasagna Tray Packaging

Orics full production line for Lasagna or Orics Lasagna tray packaging line, Product assembly to final packaging on the Orics ILTS-1200. Orics fully integrates with scales and other third party suppliers to create complete lines, lasagna tray sealing and packaging. The series ILTS 1200 line can pack prepared dishes consisting of lasagna and cannelloni with […]

Lassi Filling Machine

Production of lassi has been confined, to a large extent, to the households and local stores, mainly because of non-availability of a standardized technique for the manufacture of uniform quality lassi and its limited shelf life. In 1972 the technology was standardized and regular production of lassi started. but still not until 1991 that shelf […]