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2020 Packaging Trends: A Look Backward

Vintage Is Cool 2019 saw retro style taking the marketing and advertising industries by storm, and with it, the return of vintage packaging. Buzzwords like vintage, retro and classic come and go in cycles and the current state of consumer taste is favorable to nostalgic looks. Many manufacturers are already riding the wave and vintage […]

New Features at PackExpo for 2019

New Features At PackExpo 2019 The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies has added new features to this years PackExpo show, offering more on-floor experiences and education to maximize time spent at the show. The improvements include: Robotics Zone, showcasing some of the latest technologies in robotics where you can witness their capabilities and see […]

Packaging Is More Than A Pretty Container

The eyes have it. It is true, and it is hardwired into our brains. Anything that looks beautiful and appealing to the eyes is likely to trigger an assumption that it will be appealing other senses. This is something to consider with regard to product packaging. Product identification and awareness are the primary functions of […]

Getting The Most From Form, Fill & Seal Equipment

For many brands, horizontal form-fill-seal (FFS) equipment represents a significant investment. FFS machines can be the most expensive machine on the packaging line. To maximize return on the investment, companies re-purpose machines for packaging a range of products. This makes quick tooling changes an attractive feature. Over the last few years, ORICS Industries has worked […]

E-Commerce Is Driving Packaging Innovation

Traditionally, product manufacturers have packaged goods that consumers would directly unstock from shelves in a brick and mortar retail environment. In many cases, the e-commerce sales of the same products would result in products being packed for the merchant, unpacked and stored or stocked, and then re-packed and shipped to the customer, resulting in higher […]

Expanding Markets In Packaging

Increasing advancement in packaging technology for variety of end-use application increases the expectations that the demand will grow further in the next ten years. Manual tasks are quickly being replaced by automatic packaging machines in many industries. Most of the demand for packaging machinery is generated from the food & beverages industry due to significant […]

6 Benefits of Automation in the Food Industry

Food producers often operate within narrow margins and under high quality standards. When it comes to maximizing profitability and providing consumers with an even better product, automation can be a competitive edge. ORICS industries has been leading the way in the field of automated packaging systems for the food industry since 1990. Automation systems are […]

Bringing Automated Packaging Solutions To A Variety Of Industries

Orics Industries caters to a wide range of industries producing an even wider range of products,  candy and condiments, and fresh and frozen foods, to industrial goods and pharmaceuticals. All benefit from automation of packaging lines, whether it is semi automated or fully automated packaging machinery. Some of the industries that benefit most are listed […]

F/f/s partnership for machines and materials

The Orics form/fill/seal system thermoforms APET material and is good for food, medical devices, hardware, electronics, or anything needing either a permanent or reclosable flexible film lidding. A partnership among Orics, lidstock provider Berry Plastics, and forming web supplier Klockner Pentaplast brings global advantages.

Automation Is Driving American Industry

Virtually every business is looking for ways to utilize automation to improve effectiveness and cut costs. The food packaging and pharmaceutical packaging industries are among those finding solutions in custom designed machinery to meet their specific needs. Along with government mandated regulations for safety, the fiscal need for efficiency and cost-saving are driving increased demand […]