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Always A Place For Innovation In Yogurt packaging.

Watch Orics MR-35 Rotary Cup Yogurt Filling Sealing Machine.   Watch Orics S-50 Yogurt Filling and Sealing Machine. Yogurt is a food celebrity. Not only has the cultured dairy delicacy conquered increasing real estate at retail, in refrigerators and lunch bags, it’s now a double-digit growth category for many food service operations, according to The […]

Hummus cups filling sealing machine

Hummus Cups  Filling  Sealing Machine. Orics S-30 1 up Hummus Filling and sealing machine.    Orics MR-35 Rotary Hummus Cup filling and Sealing machine.   Orics S-50 Hummus Filling Sealing Machine.     Globalization opens borders and exports the best cuisine of each country. Nowadays you can choose from a wide  range of restaurants for dinner […]