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2020 Packaging Trends: A Look Backward

Vintage Is Cool

2019 saw retro style taking the marketing and advertising industries by storm, and with it, the return of vintage packaging. Buzzwords like vintage, retro and classic come and go in cycles and the current state of consumer taste is favorable to nostalgic looks.

Many manufacturers are already riding the wave and vintage is making itself part of the psychological landscape in every corner of pop culture, from restaurant menus to background music in television and film.

This trend can be seen in the food and drinks industry through packaging. Many major food and beverage companies are featuring products with package designs that are nostalgic in visual appeal.

Quarterly earnings from many food companies suggests that vintage branding does sell, both online and in physical stores, for a variety of reasons.

The Real Deal

Authenticity is a strong purchasing trigger for many people. We live in a marketplace of knock-off, generic copycat products and people like to know they have the original. Retro style packaging conveys authenticity because it often suggests good workmanship and top quality. Vintage design can get the buyer to think about values of the brand. Retro imagery also suggests scarcity, which is a strong purchase trigger for most people. Tapping into these strong triggers among buyers results in more sales volume.

Sometime we associate nostalgia with quality, partly because of fond memories of older, non-existent brands but also because of the suggestion of care and attention to detail associated with the “good old days”. Vintage packaging reassures the buyer that they’re making the right choice, the only choice, the product that’s been popular for a long time because of its good quality.

Eye Catching

The most important factor in the visual presentation of a product is that it stands out in a sea of sameness. More and more, brands rely on uniqueness to catch the consumers attention. Retro designs tend to be attention grabbers in a crowded market space, which is driving the trend towards vintage packaging design.

Modern packaging processes such as those used in modified atmosphere packaging allows for brands to use the visual aspect of vintage design, with the safety, sustainability and economical benefits of the latest technology.

If you are considering a more vintage design for your product ORICS Industries can help with the automated system to deliver the results you are looking for. Whether a retooling of an existing system or design and manufacture of a new system, ORICS can provide you with an affordable solution to keep up with any packaging trend.

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