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E-Commerce Is Driving Packaging Innovation


Packaging With E-Commerce In Mind

Traditionally, product manufacturers have packaged goods that consumers would directly unstock from shelves in a brick and mortar retail environment. In many cases, the e-commerce sales of the same products would result in products being packed for the merchant, unpacked and stored or stocked, and then re-packed and shipped to the customer, resulting in higher costs
half of the work is unpackaging a product to repack it for e-commerce. Half of the work is unpackaging a product to repack it for e-commerce.

With so much extra handling of packages, damage rates rise and returns work to raise costs and drive profits down. The industry must take a new look at the true cost of returns due to breakage and void in shipping,

The challenges presented by e-commerce delivery are forcing brands to consider multiple packaging versions, depending on the route the product will take to the consumer. Reducing the number of packing and unpacking steps between the source and the end-user is key to managing costs and maintaining margins.

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