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ORICS MAP comes to dairy Packaging machines

Described as “the first application of modified atmosphere packaging technology in a dairy product,” a 6.5-oz whipped cheese product from New Holland, PA-based BC-USA was the subject of a feature story in our February issue of 1995, year two of Packaging World’s existence.

Peter Ouwerkerk, Engineering and Development Manager at the subsidiary of France’s Bongrain Soparind Groupe said this at the time: “Some dairy packagers minimize residual oxygen by blowing nitrogen into or across the container to displace oxygen, but they don’t remove it first and then back flush as we do. Now MAP comes to dairy ” A six-up system from [ORICS] was the machine used to fill the package.

Orics M.A.P Modified Atmosphere Packaging in filling and sealing machine

Orics Made-in-USA

Orics Made-in-USA

Orics cup and tray fill and seal

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Original Article:  Packaging World, June 30, 2014