Orics CMTS Filling Sealing Machine

ORICS: Eco-cut Show Daily Review – October 31, 2010

Pack Expo show daily review of ORICS Eco-cut® Tray Sealer.

No film waste is the key to this tray lidding system from ORICS.


CMTS with Eco-Cut


Most cup, tub and tray sealing machinery currently available generate an inordinate amount of excess film that needs to be handled, discarded and ultimately recycled at a significant cost in terms of money, labor and energy.

The unique design of the S-30 and CMTS Eco-Cut® systems by ORICS eliminate this film waste and have proven to be a perfect fit for leading processors in the food packaging industry. ORICS’ Eco-Cut® film feeder technology cuts the film in between each container, leaving no wasted film and potentially saving the facility $35,000, or more, per year in material costs alone. Further savings include reduced labor costs and downtime by eliminating the need to handle and discard excess film.

What’s more, Eco-Cut® also lessens a producer’s carbon footprint and environmental impact by virtually eliminating discarded material. By reducing the material cost for the ongoing purchase of lidding material (film), an Eco-Cut® system practically pays for itself; turning environmentally-conscious eco-friendly design into verifiable savings.

Original interview: Packaging World, October 31, 2010